Noble LINK Print Archives

Past editions of the printed Noble LINK magazine are available here as PDF files to view and download.


2015 - Summer

Stories include a unique rig move journey, Noble's Rigging & Lifting procedures and minimizing downtime in procurement.  


2013 - Annual

Stories include the Multi-Purpose Tower rigs, the importance of Noble's core values and winners of the employee photo contest.


2011 - Spring

Stories include a summary of rigs new to the fleet, the OneNoble initiative and and introduction to the JU-3000 rig design.


2009 - Summer

Stories include recent awards won, learning about the role of a rig manager and an introduction to dynamic positioning.


2015 - Winter

Stories includes awards won from the IADC North Sea chapter, the importance of safety barriers and lessons in leadership.


2012 - Summer

Stories include progress on the JU-3000 jackups, operations in Australia and business continuity planning in the Gulf of Mexico.


2010 - Summer

Stories include emergency preparedness training, two semisubmersible join the fleet and the dangers of distracted driving.


2008 - Summer

Stories include the 30th anniversary of the Noble LINK, a day in the life of a driller and the refurbishment of a historic Noble plane.


2014 - Spring

Stories include a profile of the Learning & Development center, the Noble Lloyd Noble and advances in medical care offshore.


2012 - Winter

Stories include updates on rigs in the shipyard, a profile of the subsea team and how process safety is being integrated into the industry.


2009 - Fall

Stories include record drilling times, an overview of positions on the rig and the importance of hearing protection at home.