Harnessing the Potential of Noble's Next-Generation Workforce

At Noble, we believe that a key ingredient to our success is our ability to plan. From our shipyard projects to end of well maintenance planning is essential, and that is particularly true for managing the incredible talent and significant potential of our industry-leading team members. With this in mind, Noble has taken steps to improve its employee performance evaluation process.

To Get to the Other Side

The Noble Globetrotter II was so named due to its pioneering design. Smaller, narrower and equipped with a tower that could be lowered using its onboard crane, it was thought that there were few offshore drilling locations that the Globetrotter design could not reach. However, this claim had not been rigorously tested until this year when Noble Globetrotter II was mobilized to work for Shell in the Black Sea.

Beyond Tone from the Top

In communicating corporate culture, there is a lot of emphasis on the “Tone from the Top”—as seen in the messages and actions of Noble’s senior management. Just as important is our “Tone from the Middle”—the behaviors and actions of middle management”, as demonstrated at Noble by line management, both onshore and on the rig, in managing their teams and crews.